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Being Fly In Seattle

By December 19, 2016 No Comments

Dear Seattle,

I freaking love you!! I was intrigued from the moment we walked past the baggage claim at the airport and strolled upon a group of beautifully decorated trees which led us outside to beautiful landscaped walkways. Even though it was super cold we were lucky enough to not encounter any rain during our weekend trip.dsc01697

We checked into the Four Seasons which was located in the heart of downtown and directly across from the Pike Place Market. We were greeted with champagne upon arrival, which I passed to my husband so I could try out the warm apple cider (I became addicted at first sip). We took our bags up to our room and went right on to exploring this friendly city.


We had to take in all the scents, crowds and visuals at the market, but no visit is complete until you’ve had a fish thrown near your face! The flowers were so amazingly priced that I am kind of upset I can’t find them starting at that price here in Atlanta.



The original Starbucks was located only a few steps away so we joined the line with the many other tourists to sip on a hot savory beverage to warm us on our walk through the city.


Being an ultimate tourist, the following morning after church I convinced my husband to go to The Space Needle before we cheered on the Seattle Seahawks.

I can’t wait to take the kids to Seattle.

Rogue One
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