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Bundle Me Up

By November 27, 2016 No Comments

img_0446Have you ever looked through your closet and realized you have a favorite mood, color, or even season?! This was so me the other day. Avada and I were planning our next trip (stay tuned) and while discussing what we need to purchase I realized I show favoritism amongst the four beautiful seasons of the year, my favorite being FALL! I love the way the sun kisses my skin just enough and the sound of the wind playing with the leaves. I love the way Starbucks starts to introduce and reintroduce all of their fall and holiday drinks because let’s face it when the pumpkin spice comes back we all know it’s official!


I just love the way I feel at home, comfortable and loved. In my eyes this season represents the beauty of simplicity and change. I think it is a great time to discover or reinvent your personal style and in doing that possibly reinvent the way you think of and look at yourself.



So in true Fly Mom style we captured some of our favorite  accessories and some of the beautiful views at Lake Acworth courtesy of my favorite season! You’ll also find some links below because we can’t leave you without providing a way for you too join us as we enjoy all the fashion fun this season has to offer.








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