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Family Game Night

By February 2, 2017 No Comments

We love love love games in my family! With cold weather upon us (some days) we spend even more time gathered around the dining table competing in the chosen game of the night.

Unlike many families we know, game night in our house isn’t scheduled; games are a spur of the moment boredom buster for us. I actually prefer it this way because no one is forced to play when they aren’t in the mood, impromptu games increases the bond between our children, and it keeps our house lively.

Are favorites are:

Uno- America’s favorite card game
Phase 10- card game that can played in groups of 2-6. The game is named after the 10 phases a player must go through in order to win the game.

Beat the Parents-board game in which parents go against kids to answer random questions

Rack-o- card game in which 10 cards are dealed to each player. A player must place each card as it is received into the highest available slot in their rack, starting at slot #10, without rearranging any of them. The goal of each hand is to create a sequence of numbers in ascending order, starting at slot #1

Wordsearch- basic word search except now you are racing your opponent to find the word first

Twister- game all about balance and chance

Family Feud on DVD