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Unwrap Me

By August 15, 2016 No Comments

So I’m on the phone with my ex catching up and as we laugh about the past he brings up this memory and it made me wonder “OMG have I lost it”! In the midst of our conversation he said ” when you said….I thought about that time you came over in that coat all wrapped up!” Now to be more detailed he was speaking of this one time around Christmas when I wrapped myself up in wrapping paper, bow and all, put on my trench coat and drove over to his house and surprised him lol. Ladies please keep in mind that it was virtually impossible to walk down the stairs and drive in wrapping paper so at this age just do it at home LMAO. The crazy thing is this was 8 or so years ago and we weren’t even having sex so yes I was probably the biggest tease in America lol but I was his tease and even then I felt I had to keep him on his toes…..there was something about knowing that I was irresistible to him.

After our conversation I thought about how we get so caught up in our careers, kids (if you have them), household, etc that sometimes we forget that it’s okay to look, feel and be sexy ANYTIME you want! It’s okay to be that for yourself and it’s also okay to do those things that make your significant other feel like you’re unpredictable because in this sense that’s a great thing. So guess what I did?! I looked up all kind of classes that would help me get back to that me….I’m trying to make everyday feel like a holiday lol. Ask yourself if you ever feel like you’ve lost that part of you that was sexy, liberated, and daring and replaced it with responsible, successful, and busy. I’d like to think that I exude those sexy qualities when I’m with the right man as I am a firm believer that the right one will bring it out of you anyway but I still believe I should feel that way about myself without contemplative thought so that when those intimate moments do come about I surprise my damn self! I’m learning through life experiences that some of my best moments weren’t planned or overthought and that’s one of the many things that led to me changing my mindset and just being me unapologetically at 30. So with that being said:

Dear Future Husband, I’m getting ready for you so when you do find me….when you do choose me just know regardless of the kids, careers, and every day “adulting” it’s about to go down *in my Kevin Hart voice* lol!

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